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Dorm Accommodations

The Gathering begins Sunday June 29. On-campus housing (including camping) during the Gathering is available only for full-time and half-time Gathering attenders. Prior to Friday June 27, housing is only available by special arrangement.  On campus housing is not available after Saturday morning, July 5.

All the Cal U dorms are air conditioned, have elevators, and have accessible entrances. All rooms have private baths or are in small suites with a one or two bathrooms in the suite.  There are no "traditional" dormitories with large communal bathrooms.  Both singles (rooms for one person) and doubles (shared rooms with two beds) are available. (See special notes if registering for half of the Gathering.)   All beds are in private rooms or are in small suites. 

Doubles with private or semi-private baths:  80% of the beds in campus are in a double with a private bath, which means if you sign up for a double you are likely to have a private bath.  Most of the other doubles are in suites with two rooms and two baths.  If you want to guarantee a private bath, you must choose that housing option when registering.

Singles with private or semi-private baths:  Some single rooms come with private baths, some are in two-room suites with one bath, and others are four-room suites with two baths.  If you want a single with a private bath, you must choose that housing option when registering.

Linens.  Each bed comes with sheets, pillowcase, towel, washcloth, mattress pad, light blanket, and pillow. No linens are provided for children sleeping on the floor.

Limited refrigerators. Each dorm has only one refrigerator; priority access to it will be for FGC programmatic needs and Friends with medical needs which they identify when they register.

Internet Access:  The University reports that there is free wireless in all of the rooms of all of the dorms, and throughout campus.

Housing Clusters

All registrants (except High School Program participants) are assigned to general housing unless they choose a specific housing cluster.  Read more about housing clusters.

Friends with concerns about accessing housing, bathrooms, or other Gathering facilities appropriate to their gender identity and expression are welcome to contact Kody Hersh,,786-246-2566, for information and support.

Tent Camping and RVs

The "on-campus" campground is located at Roadman Park, two miles from the Gathering dorms and programming on the main campus.  The road to the campground is extremely steep and does not have shoulders -- it is not safe for walking and only appropriate for very experienced and strong bicyclists. 

The tent area at Roadman park has lots of shade.  Port-a-potties will be provided, and showers and plumbed toilets will be available during prime hours in the morning and evening at the Adamson Stadium, about 300 yards from the tenting area.

Tenting and RV registrants must chose an on-campus meal plan (they may not choose the "no meals" option).

How will campers travel between the campground and the main campus?

A “camper” is a Friend in a tent or RV at the Cal U campground.

  1. Campers with vehicles will drive daily to and from the campground.  On the main campus, there will be a parking lot designated for campers’ vehicles; these vehicles will be provided parking passes. Friends needing to drive an RV daily between campus and campground may be in a special on-campus parking lot.
  2. In the campground, there will be a morning “get a ride” spot where Friends without vehicles will wait to be picked up by those driving to campus.  All campers with vehicles are asked to help give morning rides, to the extent that seats are available.  
  3. There will be a “camper lounge” on campus, available between the hours of noon and 11 pm. At this time, we expect this to be an unlocked lounge in a Gathering dorm.  
  4. FGC expects that the camping community will be able to get all campers back to campus at the end of the day.  However, the Conference Coordinator will identify a back-up driver who will be on call between 10 and 11 pm in the event that a camper is unable to find a ride to the campground.


The closest hotels to campus are 10 miles away.  Click here to see a list of some of them.


The Gathering meals will be all-you-care-to-eat.  Read more about meal plan choices and special diets.

Go to the Gathering Fees page for meal prices.

Early Arrivals

Early housing: Friends choosing to arrive before Sunday June 29 pay Early Arrival Room Fees.

Early meals: The Gathering meal plan begins with dinner on Sunday evening June 29. The Cal U cafeteria will be open starting with dinner Friday  June 27.  Early cafeteria meals may be pre-purchased by June 10 via your on-line registration form.   

High School early arrival: Please read special arrangments and responsibilities regarding early arrival by High Schoolers.

Early Fees: See the fees for early arrivals.

No Pets

Please don't bring your pets to the Gathering.