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Housing and Dining

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Dorm Accommodations

The Gathering begins Sunday July 2. On-campus housing (including camping) during the Gathering is available only for full-time and half-time Gathering attenders. Limited housing is available for pre-Gathering events and workgrants. Prior to Friday June 30, housing is only available by special arrangement.  On campus housing is not available after Saturday morning, July 8.

We will be posting more information about the dorms in February.

Housing Clusters

All registrants (except High School Program participants) are assigned to general housing unless they choose a specific housing cluster.  Read more about housing clusters.

Friends with concerns about the availability of housing, bathrooms, or other Gathering facilities appropriate to their gender identity and expression are welcome to contact Kody Hersh, 786-246-2566, for information and support.

Tent Camping

FGC has arranged for a field on campus for tent camping. There is a per-person fee and a site fee (only one tent per site).

Bathrooms will be available on campus. Read more.

RVs On Campus

One parking lot is available for small RVs under these conditions: 

  • The standard fee is for an RV which fits in one parking space.  If your RV is larger, please call the Gathering office, 215-561-1700 option 2..
  • No awnings or tents.
  • No electrical, water or sewage hookups.
  • Friends select RV camping when they complete the registration form.

Friends in this rv-camping lot may use the bathroom and showers on campus. They must choose an on-campus meal plan (they may not choose the "no meals" option).


Click to see a list of some nearby hotels. We have a block of ten rooms reserved at the Niagara Crossing Hotel & Spa.


The Gathering meals will be all-you-care-to-eat.  Read more about meal plan choices and special diets.

Early Arrivals

Early housing: Friends arriving before Sunday July 2 for a pre-Gathering event or workgrant pay Early Arrival Room Fees.

Early meals: The Gathering meal plan begins with dinner on Sunday evening July 2.  Early cafeteria meals may be pre-purchased by June 10 via your on-line registration form. 

High School early arrival: Please read special arrangments and responsibilities regarding early arrival by High Schoolers.

No Pets

Please don't bring your pets to the Gathering.