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Fees Described

Every full-time and half-Gathering attender pays three fees:

  • a Program Fee
  • a Lodging and Campus Fee
  • a Meal Plan Fee

Part-time attenders pay a daily program fee and can purchase meals on site. On campus housing is not available to Part-timers but is available to half-Gathering registrants.

Children on the floor must bring their bedroll, pillow, and towel.

Attenders may choose to purchase other items: early arrival rooms, airport vans or the Greensboro Amtrak station bus, t-shirts, and an attenders directory.

Financial aid is available. Learn more.

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2015 Program Fees

Adult Program $370
   Young Adult Program(18-35 yrs) $335
Half Gathering (Adults only) $220
   Young AdultProgram(18-35 yrs) $200
Infant through High School Program
(up to age 18, read more)
Family Discount on Program Fees (for families with dependents) 15%
Adult part-time program & campus fee,
adults only (per day)

Family Discount (since 2014)

A family consisting of one adult plus dependents is eligible for a 15% discount on Program Fees. Full-time students under age 24 are usually dependents. Note that a spouse or domestic partner is not considered a dependent. However, if the family consists of at least one adult and one dependent, then the discount also extends to a second adult spouse or domestic partner, Dependents are registered oldest to youngest, and third, fourth and fifth dependents will not be charged a program fee.

A grandparent plus dependents also constitute an eligible family. (“Dependent” means dependents of the grandparent, or dependents of another adult in the family who is not attending the Gathering.)

See examples and read more about the Family Discount.

If you are not eligible for a Family Discount, the first registrant indicates that s/he is "not registering with dependents" and subsequent registrants respond to the question "Which registrant are you?" with "Other adult without dependents."

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2015 Lodging & Campus Fees

"Double" refers to a single bed in shared room with two beds

Little Child=birth to 6 yrs · Child=7-12 yrs · Youth=13 yrs to rising ninth grade ·
High School=rising 10th grade - 18 yrs and in HS program
  Adult Adult High School Youth Child Little Child
Single, air conditioning $402 $201 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Double, air conditioning $302 $151 $164 $189 $189 $189
Single, no air conditioning $302 $151 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Double, no air conditioning $202 $101 n.a. $144 $144 $144
On floor (see Family Housing Notes) n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. $39 $39
In small RV or in car on campus $110 $55 n.a. $39 $39 $39
In tent in field 2 miles away $110 $55 n.a. $39 $39 $39
Commuter $68 $34 n.a. $24 $24 $24
per night
Single, air conditioning $40          
Double, air conditioning $35     $35 $35 $35
Single, no air conditioning $35          
Double, no air conditioning $21     $21 $21 $21
HS on floor (see conditions)     No charge      
Child floor (birth–age 12)         No charge No charge
In small Rv or in car on campus $6 No charge No charge No charge No charge
In tent in field 2 miles away $6 No charge No charge No charge No charge

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2015 Meal Plans (dinner July 5 to lunch July 11)

Everyone staying on campus or in the Gathering camping field must choose a meal plan
High School Youth Child Little Child
Breakfast, lunch & dinner $144 $72 $144 $144 $72 No charge
Lunch & dinner $102 $51 $102 $102 $51 No charge
Cafeteria breakfast & lunch, and
cooperatively cooked dinner
$108 n.a. n.a. $108 $54 No charge
Cafeteria lunch and
cooperatively cooked dinner
$66 n.a. n.a. $66 $33 No charge

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2015 Pre-Purchased Early Meals (dinner June 27 to lunch June 29)

Purchase pre-Gathering meals when you register, or add to your registration by June 10.
High School Youth Child Little Child
Pre-Gathering Breakfast $7.00 $7.00 $7.00 $3.50 No charge
Pre-Gathering Lunch $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $4.00 No charge
Pre-Gathering Dinner $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $4.50 No charge

Cash Meal Prices

Meals will be available on a cash basis, but the individual purchase price will be higher than pre-purchased meals.

Breakfast $ 7.15
Lunch $ 8.20
Dinner $ 9.35

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Find details on the half-Gathering options, payments, deposits, cancellations, and additional fees.

Pre-Gathering Events

Return here in mid January to learn the prices of pre-Gathering events

Sample Rates

Here are some sample rates* to help you plan your budget:

$716 Adult (36 yrs. and older)
$468 High schooler
$230 11-year-old, on the floor
$1607 Family with two adults, one 10-year-old, and one 3-year-old

*Sample rates assume shared rooms without private bath, full-time attendance, and a three-meal per day meal plan. We assume children 12 and under will have the floor rate.