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Financial Aid

FGC wants Friends to attend the Gathering regardless of financial need. Register early (April 1-10, 2016) to get highest priority for financial assistance. Scholarships and workgrants are available. It is possible to receive both a scholarship and a workgrant.

On this page, read about information from 2015. We expect fees to be similar in 2016, but can not say for sure at this time. Detailed financial aid information for 2016 will be posted in January.

Travel Grants for Western Children and Young Adults might be available for 2016
Special assistance for young adults from PhlYM might be available for 2016
What if My Financial Aid Need Is Not Met?


Most of the Gathering workgrants are for for 40% or 50% of undiscounted, basic fees for 2 to 4 hours of daily service at the Gathering. (In 2015 most workgrants ranged from $120 to $360.) Workgrants are only available to adults (18 years and older, and not in the High School program).

See a list of some of our workgrants.

How to Apply for a Workgrant

(a) Complete the High School or Junior Gathering staff application form, available online by mid-March,


(b) Answer the “Workgrant” questions when completing the Gathering registration form.   


If you need scholarship assistance, it is best to register during Early Registration (April 1-10).

Friends with financial need may request a scholarship from FGC when they register for the Gathering.  Before May 1, priority is given to Friends attending meetings affiliated with FGC. This means that if you are from a meeting which is not affiliated and you register in April, your scholarship request will be considered on May 1.  Scholarship requests made after April 30 will be considered regardless of meeting affiliation.

How to Apply for Scholarship Assistance

Complete the "Scholarships" section when registering for the Gathering. Include a request for a specific amount. Registering early increases the likelihood of obtaining the maximum scholarship. FGC recommends that you register as early as possible (April 1-10), even if you do not yet know whether your meeting will be able to financially help you.

Maximum FGC Scholarships

Use this chart to determine the maximum scholarship for each member of your party. (Read a description of the Family Discount  to determine if you are eligible.)

Exceptions to maximum:  It is possible that special funding will make it possible for young adults from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and newcomers ages 14-25 from Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends to be exempt from these maximums.  Other limited exceptions  to the maximums may be made in the event of extraordinary circumstances. Please check this page for more information in April, 2016.

 Not Eligible for Family DiscountEligible for Family Discount
Adult (>35 yrs)$360$300
Young Adult (18-35 yrs)$340$320
High School$230$220
Youth (11 yrs & older)$200$190
Child (4-10 yrs)$140$120
Infant (birth-3 yrs)$100$90
3rd, 4th or 5th dependentn.a.see note
HALF GATHERING (>35 yrs)$188$172
HALF GATHERING (18-35 yrs, not High School)$181$172
Part-Time (per day)$0$0

Note:  A feature of the Family Discount is that 3rd, 4th and 5th dependents do not pay a program fee.  These dependents are always the youngest dependents in the family.  Their maximum scholarships would be:

  •  High School:  $150
  •  Youth, 11 years and older: $140
  •  Child, 4-10 years: $60
  •  Infant (birth-3 years): $20

More Information about Scholarships

Return here after Thanksgiving to read more about financial aid, for example:

  • Scholarships for first-time attenders
  • Scholarships for returning attenders
  • Support for families, youth, and young adults
  • Scholarships for Friends from unaffiliated meetings/yearly meetings including Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings
  • Exceptions to the scholarship maximum

What if My Financial Aid Need Is Not Met?

If the financial aid provided to you is not enough to allow you to attend, you may cancel without penalty if you cancel within one week of learning of your financial aid award.