Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice


Workshops offer Gathering attenders the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Attenders stay in the same workshop throughout the week, helping form a mini-community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00-11:45 AM each weekday. Most workshops include worship or worship-sharing each day.

2015 Workshop Descriptions

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Body-mind awareness opens us to divine revelation whether in worship or doing the laundry. Experience mindfulness through daily practice of Qigong, exploring habitual everyday activities, and guided meditation. Learn to recognize stillness in movement, and movement within stillness. Cultivate compassion for ourselves and others as we lay down our burdens.

Workshop Number 21 | Amy Ward Brimmer

This is for persons who have known what they call a mystical experience to come and share  their experience. These sharings will be be grounded in Quaker meeting for worship. Those who seek such an experience or wonder how to name their experiences are also invited.

Workshop Number 22 | Elaine Emily | Joe Garren

This workshop will explore the role of boycott as a practice of Quaker faith in action, starting with an exploration of boycott as used by historical Quakers including John Woolman and working through to discussions of contemporary Quaker efforts to boycott settlement products profiting from the Israeli occupation.

Workshop Number 23 | Maia Hallward | Max Carter

We’ll explore Quaker involvement in prisons from 1790 to the present day. How responsible are we for the “penitentiary experiment?” What are the differences between reform and fundamental change of a broken system? What are we called to do in an era of mass incarceration and the New Jim Crow?

Workshop Number 24 | Laura Magnani | Jerry Elster

Individuals and meetings embody a dynamic balance among four aspects of spirituality—mystery, activism, belief, and community—which change with experience. Participants will assess their "spiritual fitness" profile and revitalize their individual spiritual practices, enhancing growth in awareness and faithfulness.

Workshop Number 28 | LVM Shelton

People of faith are called to work with our neighbors to foster a spiritually fulfilling, socially just, and ecologically sustainable human presence on our planet. This workshop will provide ideas and tools on how to face our global challenges through local Transition Town Movement organizing.

Workshop Number 29 | Ruah Swennerfelt | Steve Chase

We will explore the triple jewels of movement, meditation, and writing as a means of being present to ourselves. Through basic yoga poses, breathing, meditation, and writing, participants will experience their own creative integration of body, mind, and spirit. Each student will develop a practice to take home with them.

Workshop Number 30 | Ann Hostetler

In this workshop participants will engage in a variety of improvisational "games" including drumming, vocalization, and exploring sound on melodic instruments, in an attempt to improvise music together, to be heard expressing ourselves creatively, and to work together to create something vibrant and beautiful.

Workshop Number 34 | Timothy Simmons

Do you feel despair or fear about the state of the world? This experiential workshop will touch into gratitude, grief, new ways of being with it, and empowering action!  We will laugh, play, cry and free ourselves of despair through ritual, worship sharing, and creative exercises.

Workshop Number 36 | Lynn Fitz-Hugh

Experience the Quaker perspective on body balancing, juggling, slacklining, rock climbing and more. We’ll try challenging physical activities that clear mental distractions and promote the present-centeredness that helps us be aware of God’s immediate presence in our lives. Come be vibrant in body and spirit!


Workshop Number 37 | MaryHelen Lewis | Jessica Klaassen-Wright