Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice


Workshops offer Gathering attenders the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Attenders stay in the same workshop throughout the week, helping form a mini-community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00-11:45 AM each weekday. Most workshops include worship or worship-sharing each day.

2014 Workshop Descriptions

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The amount of money our government invests each year on the military is staggering. The impact is part of the air we breathe and the lives we lead; often unnoticed. Interactive activities, discussion and video will help participants tell their own story about the impact of militarism and what the alternatives are.

Workshop Number 41 | Peter Lems | Molly McQueen

High School Program participants will join experienced Junior Gathering leaders in creating a fun, safe, and Spirit-filled Junior Gathering environment for our youngest Gathering participants. Learn to lead, and use your talents to give back to our community! Early arrival by Sunday morning is mandatory.

Workshop Number 42 | Jessamyn Doan | Patsy Arnold Martin

What have poets written about Quaker faith and practice? How do poets make the ordinary transcendent? What can poetry do that other writing can't? Can poetry change the world? Can poetry change us? And, perhaps most importantly, what do we have to say, and can poetry help us say it?

Workshop Number 43 | Su Penn

Tending our interpersonal relationships is tending our web of connection to humanity.  Learning to listen and speak in ways to foster more understanding is a spiritual practice of interpersonal peacemaking useful in our most intimate relationships, with friends and family, at work, and in our communities.  Singles and couples welcome.

Workshop Number 44 | Cathy Walling | Scott Bell

When was the last time you relaxed deeply for 3 hours five mornings in a row? This time will be to learn simple clothes-on massage, simple energy work laying-on-of-hands, and meditation for deep relaxation, restoration, and deeper seeking later on. I will demonstrate a form and we'll practice in pairs.

Workshop Number 45 | John Calvi

We'll speak authentically and listen tenderly to each other's experiences of the inner life, using the dialogue process of Couple Enrichment. Sharing will be personal and skills will be taught. Our focus will be on experience, not beliefs. Be prepared to be surprised by each other! Individuals and couples welcome.

Workshop Number 46 | Merry Stanford | Peter Wood

Friends sometimes call John "the Quaker Gospel," owing to its evocative language of the light, and the way Jesus' conversations take people to another level of consciousness and faithfulness. We'll "listen in" on five conversations, using discussion, reflective exercises, and early Quaker understandings to  reach that next level together.

Workshop Number 47 | Doug Gwyn

Early Quakers wrestled with applying the testimonies to their entire lives, creating new ethical standards in business. We will learn what they said about trade and how it changed, specifically about debt, honest weights, and no negotiation of price. We will discern how Quaker practices apply to today's life.

Workshop Number 48 | Karen Tibbals

Only 30% of Americans have a last will and testament. Fewer have completed medical and legal powers of attorney, living wills, and estate plans. This workshop will help Friends to understand the important decisions to enable their families and themselves to have a thoughtful and loving end of life plan.

Workshop Number 49 | Larry Jalowiec | William D. Hartman, esq.

Discover how digital photography can help you see the world around you more clearly and experience it more deeply. Explore a variety of practices that will open new ways of seeing, grow your Quaker faith, and connect you more closely with yourself, your environment, and your community.

Workshop Number 50 | Peter West Nutting