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New Meetings Project Retreat

Sponsored by FGC’s New Meetings Project, this retreat is open to anybody who is interested in starting or seeding a new group, or anyone who has helped start or cultivated a new group in the past five years. The retreat will feature stories from new groups, sharing and networking (a group for new meetings and a group for those thinking of starting a new meeting), workshops, worship, resources, and planning next steps for support together.


Tentative Schedule

Friday, June 27
           Welcome and Introductions
            Getting to Know One Another
Saturday, June 28
            Sharing Our Stories
                        New Meetings sharing their stories
                        Small Group Discussions
                                    One group for new meetings/worship groups
                                    One group for those thinking of starting a new meeting or worship group
            Morning Workshop
            Afternoon Workshop
            Free time/informal conversations
            Next Steps Together
                    What can we do for you?
Networks for supporting each other
Sunday, June 29
            Morning Worship -- for those who are able to attend
            End of retreat
During Gathering Week
            Two or three informal meetings for networking

Where and When

The program will be held at Cal U in California, Pennsylvania, starting with dinner at 6 pm on Friday, June 27.  Check-in for the event will begin at 4 pm on Friday.  Friends are encouraged to arrive Friday, and are welcome to join the retreat whenever they arrive on campus. Friends with Junior Gathering or other responsibilities on Sunday may need to leave the retreat early.


The cost of attending the New Meetings Project Retreat includes a retreat fee of $30 plus  pre-Gathering meals and housing

For example, Friday dinner through Sunday lunch plus a shared room on Friday and Saturday night brings the total cost for the retreat will be $109. Friends who register for a single room will pay a bit more; Friends who are camping will pay less.

On-campus housing is available to retreat registrants regardless of whether they are staying for the FGC Gathering.  A Friend registering for both events will be assigned the same room for both events.  However, a Friend registering only for the New Meetings Project Retreat who selects a shared ("double") room, may have to pay the higher price for a single if FGC is unable to identify a roommate.  Single rooms with private bathrooms are only available for Friends registering for the FGC Gathering.

See retreat housing prices in the Early Arrival Room Fee table.

Retreat participants staying for the Gathering may choose to add lunch Sunday, June 29 to their registration, or may make their own arrangements for that meal.  The Gathering meal plan starts with dinner Sunday night.

Childcare Is Available

Childcare is available for the retreat for children eighth grade or younger.  You will only need to pay for housing and meals for your child.  Read more about childcare for pre-Gathering events.

How to Register

Registration for the New Meetings Project Retreat opens April 2 and closes June 10. Late fees begin June 1. 

To register for both the Gathering and the New Meetings Project Retreat, choose the “New Meetings Project Retreat” while completing your Gathering registration form.

If you prefer to register for the retreat without also attending the FGC Gathering, please register via phone.  Call the Gathering office 215-561-1700 ext 3200 during business hours April 2 - June 10 to register or to arrange for phone registration on an evening or weekend.


Friends from new meetings or worship groups who are working directly with FGC’s New Meetings Project should contact Brent Bill ( about scholarship opportunities for the retreat.

Except for those Friends mentioned above, financial assistance is not available to attend the New Meetings Project Retreat itself.  However, registrants who are attending the Gathering are encouraged to request a workgrant or scholarship from FGC to help defray their costs to attend the Gathering.  Read more about financial aid for the Gathering.

Invite a Friend

Are you planning on attending the retreat?  Invite a friend to join you.