Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Interest Group Proposals

The interest group proposal submission deadline was May 7.  It is no longer possible to submit a proposal.

If you are a Quaker Organization, you may schedule a presentation for your organization until May 31.   

Any registrant may schedule an afternoon event after they arrive at the Gathering.  Read more.

If you submitted an interest group proposal, you will hear from Gathering staff by May 31.

Do Interest Group Leaders Have to Register?

Interest Group leaders do not have to be registered for the Gathering. If we receive more proposals that we are able to accept, we often give priority to proposals from registered Friends.

If your Interest Group is selected and you are not registered, you may choose to come to campus for that evening without paying a registration fee. If you wish to participate in other activities on campus that day, you will need to register as a part-time Gathering participant.

Photocopies (no) and AV Equipment (yes)

In keeping with a concern to reduce the complexity of the Gathering, and also to control costs, we will not be able to reproduce printed materials. However, this year we are able to provide digital projectors—if you bring your own computer. You may need to attend a training session to learn how to use the University's projectors.  We are not able to provide other AV equipment (you may bring your own).