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George Schaefer

photo courtesty of George Schaefer
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Date and Time: 
Monday, July 1, 2013 - 7:00pm

What Love Requires:  Community and the Challenge of Diversity

As Friends we are called to love each other in unity.  For many of us, the challenge of diversity overwhelms our ability to labor with each other in love.  Instead, we learn to live with conflict avoiding confrontation and compromising our ability to live in Truth.

The history of Friends, the long story of our own sacred tradition reveals insights into how we have been led in the past to address conflict as a gathered people.

It has been our experience to know division, uncertainty, and doubt.  Yet, in this state of need and searching, guidance has come.  Light is given to us and transformational knowing of how to move forward is experienced.

In his talk, Schaefer will speak about his work with meeting communities laboring with Friends with behavioral and intellectual differences.  He will share the ground of confidence to be found in the communal spiritual practices of Friends past, and he will explore how these approaches can support Friends today. George Schaefer is a member of Radnor Meeting (PhlYM).