Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Quaker Exhibits and Presentations


National and regional Quaker organizations will make scheduled afternoon presentations.  Complete the Quaker Presentation Request Form by May 31 to request a presentation time.  We are able to provide digital projectors for these presentations if the person giving the presenatation attends an AV training on July 5 or 6, and if you ask for a digital projector when completing your request form.  Gathering staff will inform you by June 15 of the time and date of your presentation.  Due to a limited number of time slots, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Why sign up in advance?

  • The online and paper hand-outs available at the Gathering will include a hand-out listing names, times and brief descriptions of all Quaker Organization presentations. 
  • Your event will be included in the Daily Sheet provided to all adult registrants when they check in.  The Daily Sheets list all pre-scheduled events.
  • Signing up in advance means that you will know by June 15 exactly which day and time your presentation will happen. 

You may choose to not sign up in advance and instead to sign up for a room and time after you arrive at the Gathering.  Events scheduled in advance may not be announced in the Daily Bulletin; events scheduled after arrival at the Gathering may be announced in the Daily Bulletin. 

Tuesday Evening Interest Groups

Any individual or organization may submit a proposal to present a Tuesday evening Interest Group by completing the Interest Group  Proposal Form. The proposal deadline is May 7.


We cannot currently guarantee space for new exhibits, but you may add your exhibit to the Waitlist by completing the Exhibit Registration Form.  Keep reading for more details.

Exhibits by Quaker-related organizations, communities, schools or interest groups will be displayed by advance arrangement:  complete the Exhibit Registration Form.  Reservations are only complete when payment has been received. Exhibit space is limited and may sell out, however, in 2015 we do not expect to fill the exhibit space before the May 31 reservation deadline. We will process paid-in-full advance reservations on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that they are completed. All exhibit space will be for freestanding tabletop or floor exhibits, possibly with limited electrical outlets available. Wallspace is not available this year.  No exhibit may exceed 6 linear feet. The deadline for requesting exhibit space is May 31. Nothing may be sold in the Exhibits area. Please do not solicit donations for items included in an exhibit. If you are interested in selling goods, please see information on consignment reservations. 

Exhibit prices

  • Table space: $6/linear foot (2, 4 or 6 feet only)
  • Freestanding exhibit: 50 cents/square feet
  • Wall exhibit: wall space is not available in 2015

You may set up your exhibit any time after 2 pm on Sunday July 5.  While exhibitors are responsible for setting up and taking down their exhibits, an Exhibit Coordinator will be available to answer questions as you set up your table/space. Blue painters' tape only may be used for hanging signs from tables.  If you need to ship a display to WCU, the mailing address will be available in late May

Please be aware that when the building is open, the exhibit area will not be supervised. Any and all items in the display are the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Free Table for Leaflets and Flyers

The exhibit hall will include a table for leaflets and flyers.  If you leave materials on this table, please follow the following guidelines:

  • No more than two documents per organization (or, if no organization, per person)
  • Documents only - no displays, and especially nothing three dimensional.  A petitition is considered a document.
  • For each document, provide the name and contact information for a Gathering registrant.

Items that do not meet these requirements will be removed from the leafletting table. See detailed policy regarding unacceptable materials.