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Junior Gathering Friend In Residence

Junior Gathering Volunteer Job Description

Responsible Committee:Annual Junior Gathering Subcommittee
Communicate with:Junior Gathering Coordinator

Junior Gathering Co-Clerks

Work Grant:Full
Time Commitment:At least one weekend plus 2-3 hours prior to Gathering
Attend orientation, training, worship-sharing, and daily staff worship during the Gathering
Approximately 35 hours during Gathering

The Friend In Residence is a mindful and prayerful presence within the Junior Gathering.  By providing the full attention of a skilled person who works in the loving spirit of God, this individual offers spiritual and emotional support and guidance to children, parents, staff, and volunteers.  This may involve working with individuals and groups to address challenges, facilitate communication, and promote understanding.


Prior to the Gathering

·  Attend at least one annual Gathering Committee meeting prior to the Gathering if possible.

·  Review expectations and known concerns with Junior Gathering Coordinator and Junior Gathering Clerks.

Evening before the Gathering begins

·  Attend the Coordinators’ Orientation.   Present a brief review of services. The Friend In Residence may be asked to present a segment of the orientation.

First Day of the Gathering (Sunday)

·  During the Staff training the Friend in Residence may be asked to present a workshop on a topic arranged in advance in conjunction with the Junior Gathering Clerks and Junior Gathering Coordinator.

·  Attend Junior Gathering staff orientation.   The Friend In Residence may be asked to make a presentation.

During the Gathering

·  Prepare the space daily for the Junior Gathering Morning Worship – both physically and spiritually.  

·  Meet with individuals and groups as needed and requested to provide support, active listening, or to help ground worship.

·  Check in with Junior Gathering Groups as needed.

·  Prepare the space for and attend the Junior Gathering Parent Worship Sharing (Feedback Session) and the Junior Gathering Staff Worship Sharing.  This may involve developing a query in consultation with the Junior Gathering co-clerks.

·  Meet as needed  with the Junior Gathering clerks and staff coordinator to:

  1. Share information so that any issues that might escalate become known to all,
  2. Pass issues or concerns brought to the Friend In Residence that are related to program, policy, or staff issues to the Junior Gathering clerks or staff coordinator.
  3. Pass issues or concerns brought to the Junior Gathering clerks or staff coordinator that are related to the Friend in Residence.

·  Provide other services needed, based on the gifts and skills of the individual.


  • A Friend active in an FGC affiliated Monthly or Yearly meeting.
  • Experience working in the Junior Gathering.
  • Experience in a Friendly environment.


Chosen by the annual Junior Gathering Co-Clerks in consultation with the Junior Gathering Coordinator and Gathering Committee Clerks.